Industrial raw material includes all kinds of material using in industry. Just like cement, cenosphere etc.

Mica powder

Chemical composition

SiO2 A12O3 Fe2O3 CaO MgO K2O Na2O
44.30% 31.2% 5.74% 0.75% 0.62% 10.58% 1.17%

Physical property:

oil absorption Loss afterburning Density Moisture Whitesaturation Melting point
<1% 100-400ppm 34-37% 4.97% 0.28-0.33 cm3g <1% 70-76%

As widely used all over the world, it is a good substitute for asbestos in construction industry, an ideal filling material for paint, dope, rubber and plastic, and its application goes as far as to many other fields like electric welding, fire retardant, electronic products, oil well drilling and nacre dye.