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Mica powder (water)

Wet ground mica powder fs made of nature high quality muscovite, water as the lubricate and through the technical process. The characteristic is of surface smooth, pure, better chroma, bigger D/T (rate Diameter of grain to Thickness).


Specifc-ation screen remain sand content(%)< ignitton foose(%)≤ looseness (g/cm3)≤ water content(%) Chrom-actticity
80(mesh)180μm 450μm≤0.1 180μm≤10.00 1.0 5.0 0.30 0.5 70
120(mesh)125μm 250μm≤0.1 125μm≤10.00 0.30 65
150(mesh)90μm 180μm≤0.1 90μm≤ 10.00 0.28
200(mesh)71μm 140μm≤0.1 71μm≤10.00 0.6 0.28
325(mesh)45μm 112μm≤0.1 45μm≤10.00 0.5 0.25 70
325A(mesh)45μm 112μm≤0.1 45μm≤ 10.00 0.23
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