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Sodium nitrite

white or light yellow prismatic crystal,density 2.168,melting point 271 , easy dissolve in water alcohol , micro-dissolve in ether, delique- scence,noxious.decomposition tempreture is 320 ,It can inflammation and explosive while mixed with orgnic compound .It has oxidation and reduction susceptibility ,easy become diazoamino compounds with amino under low tempreture.

making Nitra-compounds and azo dyes ,fabric dye mordant and bleaching agent;metal heat treating agent ;cement pre-strong agent,antifreezer etc,medicine -making and chemical industry.
Annul output: 50,000T
Quality Grade: First class
Technology standard: GB2367-90
1.Exterior:white or light yellow

Quality Index

  High-class product First-calss
Sodium Nitrite content (as dry basis),%, MIN 99.0 98.5
Moisture, % MAX 1.4 2.0
Choridum(Nacl) content (as dry basis),%, MAX 0.10 0.17
Water insoluble content (as dry basis),%, MAX 0.05 0.06
Sodium Nitrate Content (as dry basis),%, MAX 0.80 1.00

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