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Palladium Chlororide(II)

Product name: Palladium Chlororide(II)
Molecular formula:PdCl2
Molecular weight:177.31
Application:Catalyst, used in preparing special catalyst, molecular sieve;
 preparing non conducting material coating; produce gas sensor.

Pd  ≥59.5%
Purity :Purity of original palladium powder>99.99%
Nitrate :<0.05%
Impurity ≤(%)
Ag 0.002
Au 0.002
Pt 0.002 
Rh 0.002
Ir 0.002
Fe 0.02
Al 0.002
Pb 0.001
Ni 0.001
Cu 0.001
Si 0.002
Sn 0.001

Property:Red brown crystalline powder, soluble in water,hydrochloric acid, ethanol, acetone and hydrobromic acid.
Packing:according to customer requirement
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