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The application range of cenosphere is widespread

The application range of cenosphere is widespread.

1. Resin less / the amount of potential: because in any shape, spherical with minimum specific surface area, cenosphere to resin demand is least. Particle accumulation has also been improved. Broad particle size distribution makes small beads can be filled into the space between the microspheres . High volume, high solids content, low VOC and a reduction in the amount of other ingredients;
2.To improve the liquidity with low viscosity / cenosphere is spherical,. This makes the use of floating system with low viscosity, good fluidity. Moreover, the system can also be improved by spraying;
3. The hardness and wear resistance: cenosphere is a kind of high strength and hard spheres, it can enhance the coating hardness, abrasion resistance and wear resistance;
4. Excellent heat insulation effect is hollow cenosphere insulation is excellent experience in coating; the hollow cenosphere light scattering and slow shooting, the result is an increase in the coating covering power;
5. Gloss control: floating particles can reduce the luster, in addition high demand situation, they can also eliminate the image matting agent ordinary easy to cause the viscosity increased greatly, and the cost is low;
6. Iinert cenosphere by inert components, so it has excellent durability, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and anti chemical properties;
7. Dispersion: because of the thick walled cenosphere and high compressive strength, it can withstand all kinds of mixer, extruding machine, molding machine processing;
8 Insulation, thermal insulation, fire retardant coating: high temperature resistance, flame retardant, good heat insulation effect; 14 powder coating: improved fluidity, hardness, wear resistance, gloss, reduce cost control
9 Roll steel coatings: flexibility, corrosion resistance, gloss control, high solids content, reduce costs;
10. The cement mortar modified with rubber rheology, increase the amount, increase durability, reduce shrinkage deformation

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